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How to Build Authority through Expertise: 10 Tips to Becoming a Resident Expert

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

1. Marketing MRI--Mindset/Resources/Identity

What are you thinking? Is your mindset reset for your success?

What do you have or need? Do you have the resources that you need to position your expertise and authority in front of your target audience?

What do you want to be known for? When someone says your name, how should you come to mind?

Gaining clarity on these three key areas allows you to show up in the marketplace and attract those who most resonate with you and the solutions your products and services provide.

2. Get clear on your purpose and your passion

Be sure of you gifts and strengths and work at least 80% of your time in something you absolutely love. Too often we let FOMO and comparison rob us from staying in alignment and true to ourselves. Our authenticity is the precursor to our authority. Being present and of value is born of out of who we are and what we are designed to best offer. Clarity in this one area alone will keep you from chasing after the wrong clients. 3. RLDT

Read, Learn, Do, Teach--this has been my formula through the years. It's what keeps me on the cutting edge so I can keep sharpening the saw. I'm a learner before I'm a leader and if great leaders are great readers, than it starts by being on the uptake of content and knowledge that will equip me to better serve my tribe. Once i read and learn, than I'm ready to do. It's been said that teaching is the highest form of learning so once I teach it, I cement it as part of my knowledge base and expertise portfolio.

4. Be OK with letting go of what you're not great at, so you can stay focused.

Outsource, delegate, partner, barter or trade what you're not great at doing so that you bring your best doing what you love. Don't lose time, energy and opportunities doing what you shouldn't. Everything we keep doing that is not in alignment with our gifts, strengths and talent, robs us of doing the very thing we started our businesses for in the first place.

5. Know who you're trying to reach

Take time to crystallize who you are best meant to serve and who will most benefit from your products/services. You are not meant to serve everyone. Be OK to say NO to who doesn't fit so you can YES to who does. Like Michael Port reminds us to ask, "Who gets behind your red velvet rope?" You resident expertise demands that you know your ideal client's needs, wants, pain points, dreams and aspirations.

6. Build Trust and Influence through 21st Century Engagement

Traditional, Digital and New Media marketing means that we can engage with our prospects on multi-channels, meeting them where they hang out so we can begin to build trust relationships with them. Your influence on them will depend not only how much they know, like and trust you, but also on your credibility, knowledge-ability, and affinity.

7. Position and partner for greater alignment and exposure

Are you in the best circles for your greatest growth and contribution? Decide which associations, groups, and chambers you should join and which networking events you should attend. Take the opportunity, even if its unpaid, to share your knowledge and expertise with our colleagues and associates so that you're top of mind as the go-to in your field and industry. You can't be everywhere--learn to be discerning and choose wisely.

8. Be approachable and authentic

Remember where you came from, what it was like when you were starting out, stay humble and transparent. The entrepreneurial journey is not a straight path nor is success gained alone in isolation. We're in this together! Your willingness to share your story and show others what it took to get where you are today will inspire and encourage them to keep pursuing their own goals and dreams.

9. Get your message out there through writing, speaking and teaching

Take advantage of every opportunity to share what you know with those who most want and need to hear it. Create opportunities to gather people around and create a following, so you eventually build a tribe. Events are a great way to do this. You can host your own events and fill the room with prospects and clients alike. We did this for four years and build a great local following in the process.

10. Be a North Star

Be dedicated to the journey not just the destination. Lead and guide your clients to where they long to go by steadily building your credibility and brand over time. Here's a great question to ask yourself: Are you an entrepreneur so that you can pay your light bill OR are you an entrepreneurial leader, dedicated to lighting up your corner of the world? Keep learning, growing, and guiding so you can illuminate the way for others on the their path to success!

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Photo credit: Paul Pruitt Photography

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