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You Can Dance if You Want to...

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

… but you don't have to. If that's not your thing, you can leave all of that behind, so that what you do to gain the trust and attraction of your ideal clients, lasts longer than a thumb scroll.

Online trends will come and go. Some will be aligned with your brand, personality, message and target audience and some won't. Having the wisdom to choose wisely will make all the difference.

You may be feeling that you’re missing out on all things reels and feels, shorts and internet contorts to get yourself “out there” in front of your ideal clients. Think for a second of your own activity on your phone, especially now at midlife. Which are the things you're attracted to and that resonate with you? As you scroll through one video after another. how many times have you stopped, signed up or taken out your credit card to buy?

Now, let me clarify, before I go any further. If you’re dancing online, and you love it, have at it. You do you. But here’s the thing. Know your why. What’s the 'why behind the what' of jumping on a bandwagon of short-term visibility and 'all the things' as well as all the time it takes for 30 seconds of content to move to the bottom of the fast food consumption of internet snacks.

What if, instead, or least, the time you spend is so they can come and dine at your table? What if instead of just creating content that is snack-able, you make sure that it’s ‘stackable and trackable’—love that phrase from Hailey Dale. Something of lasting value that will remain. As you create content for your clients and community is it a steady diet of fast food or deep dish of nutrition? Is your content meant to entertain or educate? What does your target audience expect from you?

It's your choice. Time is time and you can spend it as you see fit. Question is what will it yield in return. So, you can dance if you want to OR you can take your beautiful brilliance and God-given genius and share it in a way that empowers, motivates, uplifts, inspires and impacts someone. You can take your time to create things of lasting value, that may will sustain and remain, even after you’re gone.

What are you doing today that is part of your signature work, your legacy work, your long-term impactful work? How are you showcasing your uniquely aligned expertise before those who you most want to serve? Not those who are just voyeurs, watching you from the sidelines, but buyers, engaging with you--so that they can achieve the things that are on their hearts and minds, their vision and goals. To see you as their partner in the journey toward their vision, goals and dreams, not a performer that helps them mindlessly pass the time.

Those who need you most, need to know that your genius and knowledge will be the catalyst and conduit on the road to their transformation. So let’s be brave and do the deeper, more impactful and longer lasting work, so that those who need us find us, and when they do, we're ready to serve them and see them through to the next, best place for their growth and development.

As leaders, many of our greatest contributions have been wrought from our own struggles and challenges. That wisdom was gained through a crucible that has now made you even more credible. Stand in that, so that as a client needs to lean on you, they will know that they will not fall over. You are steady and strong, reliable, dependable and knowledgeable and you know the way, not just forward but through—to the other side of the very thing that has been a barrier and obstacle to the vision and dream tucked in their hearts.

"A hope deferred make the heart sick. But a longing fulfilled is the tree of life." Proverbs 13:12

Here’s to your beautiful work in the world with those who are designed and aligned for the very mix and magic of your service and transformation.

Here’s to you watering the tree of life for someone today, so that they know that on your watch they can be sure you’ll do everything to help them flourish and thrive.

Here’s to you, my brave Sage Sister. May your contribution in the world, the work that lights you up, illuminate the way for others, as you do it with your whole heart!

In case you missed it, I shared this on a recent Facebook Live video titled, 5 Reasons Why Your Tribe Needs Your Long-Term Visibility.

Note: If your work is to entertain, where dance is part of your offering, an art form, then that is what we will look forward to from you, and we thank you for it.

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Stephanie Treasure
Stephanie Treasure
Feb 27, 2023

Love this! And thanks for the perspective. As a content consumer, I sometimes watch short form video for laughs. Meaning I follow and will watch Tik Tok videos and reels that are meant to be funny and entertaining. However, my 'business persona' does not 'fit' for short form videos that include dancing, etc. At least not now. So it's not something that I am willing to sit down and create a strategy around. And that's OK for me and my team right now.

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