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My  Story

I'm passionate about helping midlife women entrepreneurs and leaders find alignment between their purpose and their platform.

What did I think would happen, writing a book like Embracing Autumn, unearthing the things that bring greater joy, saying ‘no’ to excellence and ‘yes’ to genius? Did I think I’d stay the same? Impossible!!

And with every courageous step, I became more determined to not just do things the way I’d always done them. Here was an opportunity to come into greater alignment and I knew it would be a mistake to dismiss it.

So I followed the thread, the curiosity, and the delight, which led me farther away from the demands of a bustling, marketing agency and more toward the soulful working of helping women entrepreneurs and leaders do just what I was doing—excavating the rich treasure within and finding a profitable pathway for its most earnest expression and greatest good.

That led me to create the SAGE Success Studio, an expansion of the 3E Marketing Solutions brand. At its core, it stands for sheer joy, audacious alignment, gracious living and everyday abundance. I knew that if I craved these in my life and business, then so did other women. I knew I needed to take 3E from the engine and primary driver and reposition it as the the support and the caboose.

Through the months as things percolated and crystallized, I knew that the more I helped business women gain greater clarity and design concrete ways to serve others with their gifts and purpose, the more I would be helping myself.

So, we’ve expanded the brand to primarily focus on group and 1:1 coaching, strategy sessions, experiential retreats and deep dive masterminds. We then guide women to the best suited business support that we, and our strategic partners, offer that will help a women reach her ideal clients and target market as she grows a thriving business or leads a dynamic team.

It’s October, and so many life-changing things have happened for me in this bountiful, beautiful month. So, as Embracing Autumn turns two at this month, we thought it would be the perfect time to take the next, best step forward and introduce Sage Success Studio to the world.

We look forward to sharing more about our mission and vision. We will elaborate on the the impact and influence we hope to spearhead. We’ll stand more bravely in the artful expression of our brilliance and will venture out more fully toward our unique edge and opportunities.

The beauty of evolving and becoming is gaining insight into all the can truly be done as an entrepreneur and transformational catalyst. More than paying our light bill, we are intent on lighting up our corner of the world. We are dedicated to women’s leadership and empowerment, to building a tribe of tribe builders, and to collaborating and partnering with other mission-driven, movers and shakers.



Donna Duffy is an engaging and inspirational speaker who masterfully addresses a diverse array of topics, easily engages and aligns with her audience and clients with warmth, humor and refreshing transparency.   She instinctively draws on her vast knowledge to weave together her business expertise and life perspectives to offer her audience an impactful, uplifting and transformational presentation. 

An accomplished entrepreneur, leader, strategist, coach and noted visionary, Donna’s true passion is helping others, especially women leaders and entrepreneurs, achieve their potential, realize their influence and recognize their opportunity to impact those around them.

She strives to motivate, enlighten and challenge others to push past limiting beliefs and mindset issues to transition toward empowered choices and bold forward actions.  Donna has become a trusted leader and resource for the business community

 2020 Global Business Connector Delaware at Women Speakers Association • 2018 10KSB Philadelphia • 2016 John Maxwell Top 30 Leadership Award • 2016 TEDx Wilmington Women Speaker • Author Embracing Autumn, A Motivational Field Guide for Mid-life Women Entrepreneurs • 2015 Business Woman of the Year – New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, DE • 2014-2016 President National Association of Women Business Owners, Delaware Chapter

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