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Testimonials from our clients and colleagues:

"It will be only a few weeks shy of a year when I first stumbled on your booth at the Women's Expo and said, "I've got to know those girls!" I am happy to say that "Thank God" I stopped that 5 minute conversation quickly turned into not only a successful business relationship but a personal connection that continues today.

In the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with Donna through numerous calls, online chats, personal one on ones as well as with additional staff. Every visit was an eye opener for me and my company. I truly believe that your shared experience of a wife, mother and entrepreneur allowed me to refocus and spread my wings. Your ability to dive right in there was what I needed at the time to reroute my efforts and put our company back on track to grow.

Although our original marketing plans shifted, I have always held your vision for our company close.
In attending your workshops and listening to you speak, your passion is contagious and always well received.  I consider you today as one of my mentors and feel especially lucky to have once been taken under your wings."

Kelly Jones
The Cleaning Girl, Inc.


Have you ever been around someone that has such a plethora of knowledge that you just can't see to get enough? And how about combining that knowledge with  wisdom, Insight and humility?  On top of that, someone who can be present with you, see you r vision and then create a plan to execute your dream and turn it into a reality! Well, believe it or not, that person exists in Donna Duffy. Donna has a passion for helping others manifest their dreams, and along with her team, will put together a system that will build momentum, consistency and results!"


Angela Jo Manieri
Presentation Stylist,
I AM Center Stage


“The material that Donna shares is rich and valuable!  I enjoy coming to the meetings week after week because of all that I learn to help grow my business.

Donna is very knowledgeable on each topic and presents the marketing material in an easy to understand and fun way!  I tell everyone I meet that they should come to a meeting and see her in action!  She gives a dynamic presentation and the material is priceless.  I would love her to start a group in N Wilmington so all of my friends and colleagues could attend and benefit.  

She has helped me understand how to navigate the internet and make friends with it as well as put systems into place.  I have been fighting the system because I was afraid to embrace it because I didn’t understand how to use it.  Donna has helped me overcome my fear of technology, embrace change and implement the internet to grow my business!”


Theresa Taylor
Light Up Your Health
Integrative Health Consultant


“As a new business owner, I was introduced to Donna Duffy and her company 3E Marketing Solutions by a close friend.  Over the past several months, I have benefited greatly from weekly mini-seminars hosted by Donna and attended by fellow entrepreneurs.  Donna’s passion for start-up marketing and endless self-education of cutting edge marketing techniques is amazing!  She is truly a live version of “Cutting Edge Marketing for Dummies”!!  But, what has impressed me the most is her ability to create opportunity where there is need.  Specifically, Donna realized in the small business community a need for moderately priced assistance with website creation, website enhancement, video marketing etc.  At the same time, she became aware of the need for co-op/internship programs at Delcastle Technical High School…acclaimed for their Digital Media Department.  Donna orchestrated a meeting between our group and the school that has since produced a program that my company, SHEALY International, along with several others is thrilled to be part of.  To sum it up, Donna is a mover…shaker…and a visionary in her field!”

Ruth Pacini Holt
CEO, SHEALY International


“Just when I feel the marketing tasks ahead of me are just too “big” &  too daunting, Tuesday morning comes around and the marketing meeting gives me renewed energy and purpose…outlining achievable goals and insights on how to reach these goals.

The meeting leadership is superb and the marketing community found within the meeting group is what everyone needs for support when tackling the marketing world!”


Jennifer Childs
Sales, Fotona Aesthetic Lasers

“By attending your marketing meetings, we have been brought into the 21st century of social marketing.  Having been in our present photography business for over 22 years, we get stuck in the sometimes in the same old, same old.  You have opened up our minds and eyes to new and exciting ideas.  It also helps to be able to comfortably share everyone else’s ideas in the group.  We look forward to a continual relationship.”

Peggy & Michael Ford
Montgomery Ford Photography
Send Out Cards


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