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The Power of Resilience is in the Speed of your Recovery: GET BACK UP!

No doubt, in the everydayness of building your business, you will encounter challenges and setbacks. Some will be more severe than others, making you question why you're doing all of this in the first place.

Don't despair! The power of resilience is in the speed of your recovery. you can get back up when you've been knocked down or seemingly knocked out.

My own journey of burned and learned, bumped and bruised moments makes me dig in to my purpose and passion all the more. I tap into the source of my faith and lean into my circle of friends and am reminded that I belong to a caring community of like-minded people who are intent on bringing greatness to their corner of the world.

So, when struggles step up to your door and the spinner stops at you, take heart. Find the lesson and the gift. Survey the situation and take stock, gleaning every bit of wisdom and insight. Set your sights on your why and take action! You are being strengthened and refined in the process and your willingness to move forward, despite the hardship or difficulty, gives hope and courage to those around you who are watching you.

GET BACK UP and be encouraged to stay resilient and tenacious:

Gain Perspective

Embrace the process

Tell Yourself the Truth

Be Courageous

Assess and anticipate your possibilities Call in the troops

Kick the past to the curb

Understand that things ebb and flow so be like water

Pray and prepare to write a new chapter-great things lie ahead

Your business growth will require more of you at times then you ever dared to imagine. It will take you to the edge of yourself where you feel there will be nothing left of you to give.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The trials and triumphs, the transitions and tailspins, are all part of it! Be ok with that and go forward with grace and grit, faith and fortitude and tenacity and resilience. You have something spectacular to offer from the treasure of your gifts and talents. Don’t shrink back, don’t give up. Get back up and keep moving in the direction of your dreams!

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