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Turn the page and write a new chapter!

Updated: May 13, 2020

It's time to turn the page and write a new chapter!

I’ve been working on a book called, How To Go Forward When You Can’t o Back. It talks about some of the heartbreaking, not-sure-I-can-go-on-from-here situations I found myself in, and how I learned to go forward with resilience, tenacity, grace and dignity, in the midst of adversity, hardship and loss. I’m not sure when it will be published, but it’s the inspiration for this month’s Sage Success theme.

Throughout the month of March, we’re focusing on writing a new chapter for an amazing Sage life and I want you to share your stories for two reasons:

FOR YOU To remind yourself that you were stronger than you thought you were, that God gave you the strength and grace to go beyond that moment to this one, and so we can celebrate that with and for you.

FOR US So we know when we get in a jam, when the world as we know falls apart, when the lights go out, when it seems totally hopeless, that we can make it through, too. It only takes one candle to push back the dark. Your story is that candle for another woman who wants to step fully in to her Sage self, but doesn’t think she’ll make it, or that it will matter, or that any one will care. So, share courageously and lovingly for her, and for me.

You are Sages and your life should reflect the beautiful and triumphant journey you’ve been on. And even if right now, this part of the journey is bumpy and uncertain or you feel you won’t make it and that sometimes, just breathing, or getting out of bed is your day's accomplishment, then BRAVO to you, because that means you didn’t give up.

Who cares if things didn’t work out exactly as we thought, hoped or imagined! We can keep going. There is something better for us up ahead.

So, chin up, butter up. Onward, and upward we go together, turning the page on our old chapters and writing new ones that reflect the life we want to fully live.

Sheer Joy, Audacious Alignment, Gracious Living, Everyday Abundance—that is the SAGE Life!

Let’s live these midlife years better than any we’ve lived before!

Let’s write new chapters to bless and encourage others and to cheer ourselves up and along, forward to the best of our days!

How to go forward when you can’t go back? You turn the page, you write new chapter, and you thank God for every lesson and gift that has made you the beautiful, strong, savvy Sage you are today.

With much love,


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