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Are You, Fully and Wholeheartedly, Embracing Autumn?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Fall is in the air. I can smell it, that crisp, refreshing freshly sharpened pencils, apple cider, sweater weather is upon us. Trees are beginning to turn and lose their leaves and this beautiful East Coast city of Wilmington, Delaware is preparing for another spectacular autumn.

How spectacular is your autumn?

Does the vibrancy and beauty of this glorious season of your life radiate from every part of you? This scrumptious season has color and splendor all it's own. It's magenta, gold, fuchsia, amber, red and rust colors shout from the tree tops like no other season. Is that how your autumn is going for you? Do you feel vibrant and alive, aglow with life and energy? It's during this wonderful time in our lives that we, as women entrepreneur,s need to be reminded that we have so much more to give to a world that awaits us. Our individuals and collective wisdom makes us Autumn Sages as we have lived and seen the best and worst of times. We have not only weathered through them, we have survived and thrived through them and now we bring the depth of our experience and expertise to those who need it.

This is our time to shine like no other.

We are not free of distractions and responsibilities, we still have much to do. Yet, we need to show up in every situation with a great sense of purpose and mission. As we bring discernment from our years and trust in our Creator, our circle and ourselves, we are dauntless. Renewed energy surges through us and enlivens us to press on in our great quest as we bring our body of work to those we long and love to serve.

Catch a vision of your own vast contribution to the world.

I hope you're seeing yourself like that today. I trust that you have caught the vision of your own vast contribution to the world and are pulling out every stop to be sure that nothing deters you from realizing your dreams. Though each day you will have hurdles to clear and barriers to push through, with high determination and resolve, nothing will stop you as you wholeheartedly pursue your entrepreneurial journey.

Let this whiff of Fall invigorate you! Let is be just the catalyst you need to shift into your autumn season full on. We all need what you have to bring. Your insight, your wisdom, your candor and authenticity, your vision and hope for yourself and the world, inspire us to pursue those things we were born to do and so this great wreath of wisdom encircles and supports us as we each bring the best and highest of ourselves. Who are we without each other?

Why serve if there is no one to bring our gifts and strengths to? What's the point if we keep it all bottled up and tucked away in the dark where no one can find it or have the benefit of the good it has to offer. By now, we have gotten over the nonsense of keeping our cards to our chests. That makes for one lonely game and I am not interested in playing.  Who wants to be a party of one? Who wants to try to figure it all out my herself or go it alone? Not us! Our circle is a cornucopia of beauty, grace, strength, knowledge, and wisdom.

As autumn sages, we are well aware that we are at our best when we bring what we have and share and partner with other women, creating this cornucopia of beauty, grace, strength, knowledge, wisdom, tenacity and vision. So much better together than any of us on our own, we're finding that this sisterhood we share enables us to find courage we didn't know we had as we cheer one another on toward greatness. Commit to Making this the Best Season of Your Life

This is a magnificent season and I trust you are committed to making it the time of your life. Whatever you may have on your plate today, whether it be a phenomenal hardship or glorious triumph, it is being woven into the rich, vibrant fabric of the woman that you are. Know that everything, every thing, is an essential part of the journey, that we're on together. Remember that we're all here with you doing our best to do the very same thing and together,we are fully embracing autumn. I long to hear what you're accomplishing, what your intentions are and how you turned them into actions. I love that we are together in this. Knowing that you're walking with me through this glorious season helps me remember I belong and am never alone. Breathe in the Beauty and Bounty this Season Holds I think I saw another leaf just fall, autumn is here. Our season, and a reminder to us, to breathe in all the bounty, and breathe out all the beauty, so that the world is richly blessed by the abundance and generosity of our offerings.

Join our community of Autumn Sages in our Sage Success Studio Facebook group I look forward to seeing you there!🍁

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