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Trust the Process

Trust the Process

Three words I’ve come to know, love and live through my outstanding experience as a Goldman Sachs Cohort 15 scholar and now, alum.

And what exceptional advice that it is! As business owners and entrepreneurs, leaders and learners, we do well to trust the process that leads first to discovery, then to the courage to make critical decisions and eventually leads us to delivery of our products and services. We debrief and discuss what worked and what didn’t, course correct and do it all over again.

The beauty about being in that exceptional learning environment with other business owners was that we were all trusting the process. Each of us learning from each one another, sharing ideas and insights, collaborating and challenging one another to dig deeper to each make our businesses even better.

Here’s to my fellow alums from the area and across the nation—I’m honored to count myself in your number.

And to the new scholars just getting started, trust the process and lean into the brilliance around you. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your business and for yourself.

To your OUTRAGEOUS success,


PS For more information on becoming a Goldman Sachs 10KSB scholar in the Philadelphia area, contact Jim Haile at

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