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Cherishing the Moments: The Milestones and the Mundane

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

It’s hard to believe that my daughter, Laura, will be getting married on Saturday! Wasn’t she just a baby yesterday? As she steps forward into this chapter of her life and marries Andrew, surrounded by her family and friends, my heart is filled with gratitude, joy and the best of wishes for their future happiness!

The time passes so quickly. Just like this past year, it’s hard to believe we are just 30 days from 2018. While most of our everyday moments are not life altering, they are significant. Even what is seemingly mundane is momentous, since all of our moments make up our days, and our days, our lives.

May each day bring with it a sense of purpose and significance as we add to the chapters in the book of our lives, and build successful businesses in the process.

To your continued success!



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