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SAGE Success Studio Launches!

For those of you who couldn't make it to our ribbon cutting, here is what I shared:

"When Embracing Autumn launched in 2015, we were running a full-tilt marketing agency with a full client roster and staff to serve everyone.

We carried on like that for about another year and we’re on track with our goals and projections, and then we hit a bump! Just as were cresting up and over to the next stage of growth, we hit a setback that almost knocked me out.

At the time, I couldn’t see what I see now, but God was giving me the opportunity to step into much greater congruence and alignment. And though I fought against if for awhile, because it felt like I was abandoning my post and would let others down, I knew in my heart, I had to come home to me and the things that stir my soul and light me up.

If you’ve read The BIG Leap by Gay Hendricks, you know that we each have a 'zone of excellence and a zone of genius'. We usually default to our zone of excellence because we can do it so well, but it often means that our zone of genius is laying dormant, our light is under a bushel, and nothing will truly be enough until we do the thing we were created and equipped to do.

So, I decided to follow the breadcrumbs on a path toward greater congruence and knew that I would have to let go of the agency model. That bump in the road was a fork in the road and it gave me the opportunity to let go of excellence and go for genius.

It didn’t happen overnight. I was 'between the trapezes'. Transition means uncertainty, yet bolstered with a deep sense of trust, surrounded by the support of friends and family, I ventured toward what would bring me the greatest joy.

That's where the S.A.G.E. acronym was born:

Sheer joy— I want to completely love what I do, and be filled with joy, knowing I’m making a difference in the life of another person, another women, maybe another midlife woman in transition just like I have been.

Audacious alignment— that means everything needs to go through the grid of me, being true to myself, and putting my hand to the things that light me up and make the greatest impact.

Gracious living— I have botched this terribly on my entrepreneurial journey and it's high time I take care of me. I’m so excited for what that has meant for me these past months. Gracious with myself and others. It makes the journey so much richer.

Everyday abundance— seeing, mindful, awareness, connectedness, more than just money, but moments like this one of gathering, connecting, being, listening, loving.

That’s what it means to be a SAGE—to take the wisdom of your years, your experience, expertise and knowledge and live it to the hilt no matter your age.

My heart is to help other women entrepreneurs and leaders come into greater alignment and create a life and business that reflects that amazing treasure that they are so they can live and work the sage life.

I love this quote from Carolyn Myss, "She felt her passion and decided to give her soul a chance."

I have a blog post coming up called Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig. After all these years in business, in January we start our 12th year, I’m finally coming home to myself. And, we're taking an even more courageous step and closing our physical office at Stat International and bringing it 'home' to my new 2 BR apartment at Rodney Square.

Let me stop here and say thank you to Lori Davis, and Linda Grund before her, to Richard Stat and the team at Stat International, for allowing us to expand and contract through the years. We’ll stay on there as virtual clients and have had the privilege to take advantage of everyone of their services. So a giant SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the STAT International team.

Nothing happens in a vacuum and it truly takes a village especially through the process of transition and reinvention. Enormous gratitude goes firstly to God who kept nudging me home to myself, to my outstanding team, Pat,Marjorie, Zach and Chantal who have flanked me love and support every step of the way, my parents who keep applauding me with every brave step and encouraging me to just go for it. To Kyna Baker, from Grind Different, who has helped me think through process and clarity for next steps, to Jennifer Kmiec, who believed us and helped us formulate the Studio concept. For Lois Hoffman, and our Friday afternoon support jam sessions, For so many friends, and colleagues who have poured and continue to pour into us and encouraging us to take those next courageous steps. To the NCCC, Caryn Rosica, and Pam Mayse, for helping us put our stake in the ground for the launch and ribbon cutting. To Rebecca and Danielle, from DLS Discovery for their graphic wizardry at the 11th Hour. To Rita, Dana, Aprile, Michelle, Troy, Geneva, Angela Jo, I could go on all day! Your truth in love, your solid counsel, your honest, transparent conversation, have helped me to stand up fully in my gifts and strengths, to create something I believe will outlive and out last me.

So to wrap things up, we’ve taken 3E Marketing Solutions from the engine to the caboose. Sage Success Studio will offer coaching, consulting, strategy sessions and VIP days, retreats and workshops, speaking and business support services from 3E and our inner circle of support partners. I’m excited to share that I’m working on my new book, Soul Congruence that will share more of my story of compromises that led me to greater congruence.

I can’t thank you enough for your continued support through these months of transition and for allowing me to share my story. I’m more grateful for you than you know."

To your OUTRAGEOUS success!

Donna Duffy

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