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5 Reasons Why I Finally Decided to Go LIVE

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

For months, I had watched one brave entrepreneur after another jump on FB Live and share their knowledge and wisdom with the world.

August was my birthday month. So at the end of July, as I was mapping out my social media for the month, I decided to just bite the bullet and go for it! Below are my top 5 Reasons Why I Finally Went Live:

Reason # 1: I had to just get over myself.

I'm not sure why this was such a hurdle for me. Maybe is was the vulnerability and being transparent in the real and raw footage of Facebook Live, but I can't tell you how relieved I am that I finally just went for and took imperfect action. Was I scared? For sure! My heart still skips a beat when I see that the screen says live. But I have too much I want to share to let fear hold me back so I'm happy to check that off the list!

Reason # 2: I wanted a more transparent connection to my tribe.

There needs to be more straight talk about entrepreneurship. It's too easy to hide behind memes and inspiring quotes and not tell the real story of the crooked path and climb to the next level of growth. As I show up live, I have the opportunity to share my message with no filter, edits or second takes. I have come to love that and I'm grateful for the opportunity to love on my tribe with real talk about our journey together.

Reason # 3 I could consistently show up, which caused me to stay on track.

Knowing that I put up a post that says I'm going live at a certain time on a certain day, holds me accountable so that I consistently show up for those I'm serving, those I look forward to serving and for myself.

When I first go live, I might be the only one on there. A few more may join me while I'm live, but most of what happens is in the replay. I make sure to share content that will last beyond those initial moments to days, and maybe weeks, from now as people tune in later.

Reason # 4: It's an authentic opportunity to better position my expertise, purpose, authority and what I represent.

As I scroll through FB and stop and view one livestream video after another, I begin to see what people stand for and what they are offering to the world. Their expertise, knowledge and insight, come across in the raw, unedited, unscripted few minutes of sharing. Showing up live has done that for me. It's a platform to share what I think, what resonates with me and how I want to make a difference in the world.

Reason # 5: I'm able to take what I say (my fave form of communication) then maximize the content across multiple platforms.

I continue to remind myself that to share my mission and vision, i need to be willing to be visible and seen. We all do if we want our message to reach beyond our own four walls. That takes a degree of vulnerability, and ditching vanity, so that we can show up fully and deliver value.

Now, it's your turn! If you're not showing up live yet--why not give it a try? Here's a little challenge: go live before we go into 2019. And be sure to let me know, so I'm sure to jump on and listen to your message!

PS I go on Facebook Live every Friday and would love to have you join me in the conversation. Click here to join our group!

Photo credit: Paul Pruitt Photography

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