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What Price Are You Paying? Is it the High Cost of Low Visibility OR the Low Cost of High Visibility

What price are you paying for your visibility?

This month we are talking about Big Vision, Small Budget: How to Run the Whole Thing on a Shoestring, and what we’re looking at is the price we pay for our visibility. We’re either paying a lower, or no cost with tons of opportunities for visibility. Or we can often find that there is a high cost that we have for low or no visibility. So that’s what I want to look at.

Are we willing to pay that price?

There are many ways that we can do something that is low or no cost and gain very high visibility. And we have to understand the flip side, that there is a high cost - a price to be paid - for low or no visibility.

What your visibility requires. It comes with a degree of vulnerability. We’re showing up, and maybe when we go live, there’s not many people on with us. Maybe we put something out there and we haven’t seen the numbers or the response we want. That vulnerability, when we step into visibility, freaks us out a little bit. Maybe it even causes us to want to backpedal from that. But I’m going to encourage you, and myself, to just keep on taking those next steps to push through that place of discomfort when it’s uncomfortable and you feel vulnerable. When we show up, and we are brave enough, having the courage for visibility, we have the opportunity to share our gifts, strengths, knowledge, wisdom and expertise with our tribe, our ideal clients that would not see us otherwise. We need to do that!

Get Out of Your Own Head Oftentimes we’re in our own heads about our own visibility, and we’re missing out on some opportunities that are right here, right now. So the things I tend to look at are where can I show up where it’s not going to cost a ton of money, and yet I can have high visibility. If you look at social media, there are certain places where there is a wonderful opportunity for us right now. And there are definitely places where you could put Facebook ads out or ads on all the social media platforms. But then as we look at social media platforms, are there ways we can show up - whether on stories or live - and take advantage of the super no-cost way of having an ideally aligned platform where our ideal clients are?

You Can't be Everywhere, So Choose Wisely and Strategically Consider this: Too often, we’re spreading ourselves too thin. We’re running all over the place, trying to be all things to all people-- everywhere. I want to encourage us to choose the platforms most aligned to you.

That means they’re the most aligned places for your messaging, for your tribe, for where you need to be. Show up there, rather than try to be scattered, puddle-jumping all over the place, spreading yourself thin and wearing yourself out.

Instead, Stay an Inch Wide, and a Mile Deep.

Show up there - that aligned space - again and again and again. For me, the Women Speakers Association is a tremendous space for that networking, for platform and community building, and for visibility. There are opportunities for interviews, for writing and co-authoring a book. It’s wonderful.

And on Facebook, where there are a myriad of opportunities for very low cost. I come on Facebook in the Facebook group live and spend $0. The only thing it’s taking me is my time and maybe some notes so I stay on track with what I'm saying. And after I go live, I’m going to repurpose it into a blog, or it’s already an article, it’s already a training or a webinar.

Maximize our Visibility and Showcase Your Expertise You get it out there and be seen . and found by your ideal clients and buyers, without having to spend much money. And I think that’s what holds us back. We’re looking at the price tag on certain things, but what if you look at the price tag on things that don’t cost anything.

Look at something like Zoom, that costs maybe $15 a month. But that is so worth it because you could talk to anybody around the world. What are the ways that you are showing up and you can say, here is a low or no cost that I’m going to invest in. I’m clear on the platform I’m showing up on because I know when I get in there, I’ve got high visibility - it’s totally worth it.

The Flip Side: The High Price You May be Paying for Little or No Visibility If you want to position yourself as a trusted guide, a thought leader, showcasing your expertise and signature work, then you have to be willing to be seen and found. I think we get afraid, because it feels like we have to show up everywhere. But I’m going to say we do not have to do that. You probably see so much happening on the internet and can feel pulled in a hundred directions to try to do them all, so you may end up doing nothing and then you're paying the high cost of low (or no) visibility.

The Power of 3

What if you decide to pick three places where to show up, and you consistently show up there, tracking it so you can measure how it goes. Then, if that works, you keep it at it. And if it doesn’t work, you let it go. Then, you bring another platform in to try out. Would that change life? Would that make you feel more in control and not so spread thin, stretching yourself all over the place, chasing your tail?

There's Nothing to Be Gained By Sitting on the Sidelines It's easy to be a content consumer and voyeur over a content curator and creator, where you’re just in watch mode or listen-only mode. There is something to jumping in with visibility, even if it’s in Sage Success Studio group, liking a post, commenting, sharing links when it’s Free Share Friday, jumping in and commenting on a live. And if that can happen in this group, it can happen in any group. This is the basics of showing up and being seen, making sure that you’re raising the bar on your visibility, increasing your visibility. It's how trust and credibility are built. That’s how people get to know who you are, what you stand for, how you could help them. Because you’re showing up again and again, they get to know that’s who you are, that’s what you do, and that’s how you’ll help them.

BIG Vision, Small Budget, Big Impact and Influence I'm going to guarantee that you could find three (but probably more!) low or no cost ways that you can show up in the next week. And by showing up there, you’ll really start to establish your expertise through visibility and letting us see what you stand for and showcasing all the great things you do. That's how people will find and follow you, and determine if you're the best person to help them reach their goals OR refer to someone.

We Can All Have a Channel. We could all do something, live video, a podcast or blog, how-to articles, run live and virtual events. It’s amazing. And even since COVID, there’s so much opportunity where everyone is online and everyone is on Zoom. There are hybrid opportunities and so much to do to raise the bar on our visibility.

So, What’s the Price you’re Paying ? Is it low or no cost? Do you get the high visibility of it, or is it high cost? There’s a price to be paid for not showing up. It’s the high cost of low or no visibility.

Let's grab a complimentary Visibility Clarity Call to help you map out your low cost opportunities to increase your high visibility and showcase your expertise! Click here to schedule your call. I look forward to our conversation.


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