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Rock your V.I.B.E. Series: The Art of Impact and Influence: Paint by Numbers or Original Masterpiece

Updated: May 13, 2020

The inner and outer game of impact and influence

It's a continual dance of pulling away--to strategize and create, to work it all out behind the scenes AND at the same time, take courageous steps to show up credibly, with expertise and authority.

Only as your roots go down deep, will the tree sustain the winds and storms that will inevitably come, to test your resolve and true heart for the work you're doing and the people you serve.

There are thousands of brilliant coaches and courses that will help you advance as you grow your business, so you can learn what you need to shift and become your best.

At the same time, it's essential to not lose sight of your own work. That's how you establish your own credibility, your own signature systems and processes, your own unique creations and contributions, that allow you to stand out in a loud and crowded marketplace.

In order to do that, you need to know who you are.

Do you want to paint by numbers and just color inside the lines of someone else's vision and ideas?

OR do you want to paint 2019 on a canvas of possibility, choosing colors and hues that reflect your HEART and SOUL for your work and the deep love and compassion for your tribe?

To create a business and life of vibrancy and beauty, you have to get in touch with the true impact YOU can make in the lives of others. These are meaningful, deep connections that move them closer and closer to a life they love and want to live fully.

Is it possible to come from love and service AND generate revenue? YES! You can have significant impact, influence AND income!

Here's the thing though, you can't have true impact if you're a carbon copy of everyone else. True and lasting impact, influencing the lives of others, happens when you are 100% YOU!

So, here's to YOU! The amazing person that you are, with the gifts, life experiences, unique journey and wisdom that is yours alone!

It's time to stand in the God-given genius that you posses, ready to serve those who need you most, those tailor-made and waiting for a solution only you can bring!

I can't wait to see what your create!

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